Value for Money

One complaint I heard a couple of times yesterday was that the inclusion of energy saving features in houses, whether they be new builds or refurbishments, doesn’t enhance their value. It has to be time to do something about this. Other, sometimes ludicrous, “improvements” can do wonders for a house’s price, so why not ones that save money?

I was looking at gas boilers and found a Powergen stand touting the WhisperGen micro Combined Heat and Power system which I’ve mentioned before. Take up the company’s offer and you can have the CHP installed for around £3000, with a special deal whereby you sell excess electricity back to them. They estimate the system will write off the greater expense of its installation, in saved electric bills and power sold back, within 4 years. But what if you want to move out in 2 years time? You haven’t fully recouped the costs and the new owner will inherit £150 a year (PowerGen’s figures) in electricity savings. Surely that has to be worth something on top of all the other factors that affect a building’s cost? Even after you’ve passed into profit the presence of such money saving tech should add to the value of your house.

Surely anything that makes a house cheaper to run, from insulation through to full energy independence, should make it more valuable. A green home that’s off the grid for most of the year has to be worth more to a buyer than an equivalent sized muggle house whose occupants are being charged to damage the environment. I don’t know where we go to increase the value of green choices, but I say we start here.

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