Daily archives: April 20, 2005


I’ve got a computer with some fairly good arts packages on it. If I wanted, I could produce the designs for photo-etching. Kits can be ordered that contain all the other required components. Of course, the only ones I’ve found are from American producers, and ship without some of the necessary chemicals.

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Wind time

I’d prefer a solar mobile charger, but this wind up one is cool and a lot cheaper. You could give it to kids to restrict the calls they made on their mobile and get them to exercise.

Though with one arm much more pumped up than the other, people might start to talk…..

via hippyshopper, who have a far more sensible idea of using it at festivals and other occasions when you don’t want to be caught in a field with no charge.

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I’ve been neglecting the other source of biofuel for vehicles. Micro Fuel Plants produce ethanol stills for anyone wishing to run their cars on alcohol. Currently only available directly in the US and Canada, they do have a contact e-mail for those of us in other countries.

For the full Dukes of Hazzard effect, they also make moonshine stills.

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