Monday is becoming minor disaster day

Last week Casa Spinneyhead was disconnected from the Interweb for a day whilst the broadband threw a paddy, today I’ve been hit by two annoying setbacks to my blogging. One is short term, the other means a re-think of my plans for the next six months.

I left the computer on last night to run scheduled tests and because there were some sites left open I wanted to revisit. Some time during the night it crashed, corrupting the OPML file that detailed all the RSS feeds I check every morning. So now I have to track them down and rebuild it. You can bet I’m going to back it up this time.

More annoyingly, the training scheme I was booked on which was going to give me, amongst other things, six months support to become a pro blogger, is no longer open to me. Now I have to go and jump through other idiot hoops just to satisfy the JobCentre and get a job I’ll hate.

Grumble, grumble, complain.

At least it’s sunny out.
Update I think Monday heard me complaining and decided it hadn’t done enough, because the server crashed at about five and had to be manually restarted (by me). Not a major problem at all, but, in keeping with the rest of the day, mildly annoying.

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