Tweety Bird

The tale of a T-37 training jet’s retirement.

The commander of the 8th – Navy Cmdr. Brian Osborn – is an old friend of retired Navy Capt. Rance Dunmire of Pueblo. Osborn also knows Dunmire is vice president of the Pueblo Historical Aircraft Society and is always on the lookout for classic military aircraft for the Pueblo museum.

So telephone calls took place, paperwork was filed, and last Friday, Dunmire was at Vance having a sparkling T-37 loaded on a trailer for shipment to Pueblo. The little Tweet had been in use training pilots as recently as last month.

Trainers don’t have the glamour of combat planes, but they’re still an interesting subject. The Tweet was modified into the A-37 light bomber, so you could have the siblings sat next to each other on the runway.

T-37/A-37 models and detailing sets (all via Hannants)-
1:48th Revell Cessna A-37A/B Dragonfly
1:48th detailing set (for Monogram model)/ Weighted wheels
1:72nd Academy A-37 Dragonfly
1:72nd Academy Cessna A-37B “Black Eagle” R.O.K.A.F Display team
1:72nd detailing set (for Hasegawa kit)
1:72nd decals, including Vance Air Force base T-37

T-37 pages on Google.

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