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The Guardian has pulled an article from its website that explained why the “Ricin Plot” paranoia surrounding the Bourgass trial was bullshit. All they will say is that it is a legal matter, involving a Public Interest Immunity Certificate issued by the Department of Defence. The Register explains why this is all bollocks and suggests a cover up.

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Money, Money, Money

Well, my first Adsense payment is in the process of being transferred. $100-and-something translates to roughly �66, which isn’t bad, but it took me a while to get there. So the next phase of the monetisation of Spinneyhead is simple- I must make enough money in May to reach the payout level by the end of the month. Given that I’ll enter the month with about $37 in the bank, that means I have to average just over $2 a day. I’m sure I can do it, and I have a few plans for how. Look out for more videos, including one with original footage rather than just stuff I found hiding on the ‘Net.

Then the plan for June is to get more than $100 in a month………

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An Op-Ed piece the Boston Globe connects with, and expands upon, the idea of the GUPPY.

I’m not a professional, so I guess I’m just a GUY (some would argue that I’m not even that, more of a GU). But whatever the label, this is what How to Save the World for Free is about- finding a better way to use resources that also serves as a more rewarding, financially, physically and morally, way to live.

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Hardcore Boy Porn

I’ve mentioned that I’m using the Indy radio programme to download and rate music. I think I’ve found my first Must Buys- A B C Teens. From their page at Vitaminic-

Hello!! We are 3 very sexy Yorkshire girls. Amanda (16) Becci (17) and Charlotte (16) and we know what boys like, so COME AND LISTEN!!

Got to love the cartoony home page as well. Download their songs from here.

Hardcore Boy Porn (MP3, 2.7mB)

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The Attorney General, he say No

This leaked document is all over the news today. It’s in horribly painful legalese, but the gist of it seems to be that invading Iraq was of dubious legality/ outright illegal without a second UN resolution (and stop blaming the French for all your troubles you wanker, they’re more in touch with world opinion than you are [I paraphrase]).

Honourable Fiend does a better job of summing it up

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Back to school

The Hockerton Housing Project is a residential sustainable development near Southwell in Nottinghamshire. Completed in 1998 it was built using organic and recycled materials and is made to be as near self sufficient and undamaging over the whole life cycle as possible. Now those of us who want to go down the same road can learn from Hockerton, as there is a master class and tour on July 14th. Off Grid has more information.

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