Daily archives: May 5, 2005

Schneider '49

This is the sort of project that interests me. IPMS Seattle set a theme for a special show competition- The Schneider Trophy, a famous race for seaplanes, was last run in 1931. What if it had been resurrected in 1949. Though some models didn’t get finished in time for the show, other modellers managed to enter several planes. Other entries included a Supermarine plane harking back to the grand old days of Scheider, a Hungarian entrant and a bodged together “Possum plane”.

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Sustainable Development

The Government’s sustainable development site. If only they’d made more noise about it when I was looking into the green credentials of the three main parties I might not have been so damning of Labour. I still wouldn’t have voted for them, but that’s a different matter.

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Debbie Doesn't Dallas

So Texas is about to pass a law banning suggestive cheerleading. This could be the end of one of America’s great folk art forms and a major upset to many a young man’s fantasies. Will it also lead to banning of Toni Basil videos?

via Fleshbot (NSFW, contains links to cheerleader galleries etc.)

Debbie Does Dallas
Bring It On
The Best of Toni Basil

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