Daily archives: May 14, 2005

Cars and Stars

Some time soon I want to do some figure modelling. 54mm seems the best size to start at, neither too large nor too small and not too expensive. It also equates to 1/32nd scale and, thanks to Ebay and good deals in the local model shop, I have a few cars to pose figures beside.

The Aston Martin DB5 I just won will be a great backdrop for Andrea’s Secret Agent. I can imagine the champagne bucket and glasses on the back seat and maybe a few super-spy style gadgets (does anyone do 1/32nd ejector seats?)

The Airfix 1930 Bentley is going to be a bizarre battle car, with Lewis guns mounted on it and various other outrageous elements. Who better to be driving it than a First World War fighter ace.

Historex is a great big treasure trove of, mostly, figure modelling coolness but so far I haven’t found an Al Capone or other ’30s gangster to go with the Packard Victoria that should be on its way to me. I must continue looking.

And finally, two figures I don’t have cars for yet. The Virtual Fighter and Cyborg 2020. These two could just fight each other, I guess.

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Ian's unhealthy obsession with statistics may yet pay off

Whilst studying my Adsense statistics yesterday I realised something about the gallery. It gets twice as many page views per day as the blog but makes almost nothing from the adverts. So I decided to put a more detailed hit tracker on it and take the ads away- they were making next to nothing so I wouldn’t notice.

Only a couple of hours worth of statistics revealed that two images in particular were extremely popular- this one and this one. It’s only right I should try to capitalise on this, so I’m making them available as prints. Mary as a Maid is available as a print in a range of sizes and the image of Blossom is going to get some minor tweaks and be available as soon as possible.

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Screw you guys, I'm going Green

Showing that politicians at the local level can be sensible even if those at the top are idiots, 132 American mayors have signed up to abide by the Kyoto agreement in their areas.

The mayors, from cities as liberal as Los Angeles and as conservative as Hurst, Tex., represent nearly 29 million citizens in 35 states, according to Mayor Nickels’s office. They are pledging to have their cities meet what would have been a binding requirement for the nation had the Bush administration not rejected the Kyoto Protocol: a reduction in heat-trapping gas emissions to levels 7 percent below those of 1990, by 2012.

On Thursday, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg brought New York City into the coalition, the latest Republican mayor to join.

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