Cars and Stars

Some time soon I want to do some figure modelling. 54mm seems the best size to start at, neither too large nor too small and not too expensive. It also equates to 1/32nd scale and, thanks to Ebay and good deals in the local model shop, I have a few cars to pose figures beside.

The Aston Martin DB5 I just won will be a great backdrop for Andrea’s Secret Agent. I can imagine the champagne bucket and glasses on the back seat and maybe a few super-spy style gadgets (does anyone do 1/32nd ejector seats?)

The Airfix 1930 Bentley is going to be a bizarre battle car, with Lewis guns mounted on it and various other outrageous elements. Who better to be driving it than a First World War fighter ace.

Historex is a great big treasure trove of, mostly, figure modelling coolness but so far I haven’t found an Al Capone or other ’30s gangster to go with the Packard Victoria that should be on its way to me. I must continue looking.

And finally, two figures I don’t have cars for yet. The Virtual Fighter and Cyborg 2020. These two could just fight each other, I guess.

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