Daily archives: May 15, 2005

Not seeing red

Natural redheads are becoming rarer and, by one estimate, may have disappeared completely by 2100.

If predictions by the Oxford Hair Foundation come to pass, the number of natural redheads everywhere will continue to dwindle until there are none left by the year 2100.

The reason, according to scientists at the independent institute in England, which studies all sorts of hair problems, is that just 4 percent of the world’s population carries the red-hair gene. The gene is recessive and therefore diluted when carriers produce children with people who have the dominant brown-hair gene.

Dr. John Gray’s often publicized explanation of his foundation’s findings: “The way things are going, red hair will either be extremely rare or extinct by the end of the century.”

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Feed Me More!

There’s a lot of Spinneyhead out there at the moment. You could subscribe to all the individual feeds or, thanks to RSSMix.com, you can get all your spinneyhead needs in one place- http://www.rssmix.com/u/2360/rss.xml. As there will no doubt be more feeds added over time I’ll keep editing this and may eventually bring it all onsite along with a mix and match option so you can choose to ignore certain feeds.

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Two birds with one coconut

Tablas Island is one of the poorest parts of the Phillipines. It also has the highest harvest of coconuts. So a newly opened biodiesel plant that makes fuel from the coconuts serves two purposes- fuel independence and a cash crop from over production.

“We deliberately chose Romblon because it is an island province and it is coconut-producing. This being an island economy, diesel prices in the region are higher because of cost of transporting the fuel so it makes sense that the province look for an alternative fuel using the raw materials available, which is copra,” [DOST Secretary Estrella] Alabastro said.

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