If Longsight job centre burns down it wasn't me, okay

The system gets worse. There’s no funding to send me on the course I need- a supported start up in self employment- despite it having a 100% success rate from my local job centre. (I might be able to get some funding if I wanted to do something in the music industry but, well, if you’ve heard me sing…….) So now I have to go into “Intense job search” mode which obviously isn’t what I’ve been doing all this time. (Or maybe it isn’t. Maybe I’ll have to apply for every shit job going, irrespective of whether I can do it or not or whether it’ll do me any good in the long run, just so long as the statistics can make Tony look better.)

But to top it all off- they’re still a bunch of moronic fuckwits when it comes to the part time work I haven’t done for over three months! They’ve decided to put me on half benefits until they see my P45 or a letter from my former employer- neither of which they asked me for when I told them I’d stopped working! And they wonder why people lie to them.

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