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Think Local

City Life had an article in its last issue about local activist groups.

I used to be a regular at Critical Masses. Nowadays my involvement tends to be slapping myself on the forehead on the last Saturday of every month in a Homer-ish D’oh! kind of a way. There isn’t a CM website listed in the article but ridemanchester, a collective dedicated to resurrecting abandoned bikes is mentioned.

Other links from the article-
Do Summat
Northern Arts Tactical Offensive

And one of my own-
Manchester Environmental Resource Centre initiative (MERCi)

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Ticking Clock

Just how realistic is 24? (Contains mild spoilers for those of us watching it on Sky.)

CTU’s ridiculously capable agents fish through oceans of information to discover imminent attacks, lurk behind every security camera on every street corner, and have a license to torture detainees if it means preventing a nuclear nightmare. Executive producer Howard Gordon has described “24” as catering to the public’s post-9/11 “fear-based wish fulfillment” for protectors like Jack Bauer, who don’t hesitate to go to extremes. That’s one way of putting it. Another is that “24” is war-on-terror porn.

Salon Day Pass required.

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Stiffened Resolve

The same psychologist who calculated that January 24th was the most depressing day of the year has worked out that today is the best day make (or reaffirm) any resolutions.

Mr Arnall’s formula is in the great tradition of wacky science. Experts have, in recent years, formulated the equation behind the perfect biscuit for dunking in tea; manipulated the mathematics of the ideal fried potato chip; explored the ideal geometry for stone-skimming across a pond; calculated the relative flatness of pancakes and the plains of Kansas; and even the established the variables in the formula for the perfect joke.

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Car Free

Car Free City USA

CarFree City, USA’s goal is to provide Americans with an alternative: carfree cities. By creating new neighborhoods and cities or redeveloping existing areas on a scale that is for people and not cars, yields a host of personal, community and global benefits. It’s an ambitious task, but not mere wishful thinking. It doesn’t require futuristic technologies, just common sense and a willingness to try something new. And it’s no more expensive than traditional development. The pages of this website describe how carfree districts work and the benefits and challenges of creating them. We hope that you will join with us in creating the first carfree city in the United States of America.

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Making their way the only way they know how

The Official Dukes of Hazzard movie website and the trailer- Large, Medium, Small. A quick appraisal, just from the trailer

Real stunts, not the cut up and cgi that has been passed off in a lot of recent car chases (or if it is all done with effects then the effects have gone to another level). Johnny Knoxville. Seann William Scott being funny. Burt Reynolds as Boss Hogg.

Seann William Scott being annoying- there’s at least one sub Stiffler moment in the trailer. Another example of the movie industry’s inability to come up with anything new and its need to raid old TV series for inspiration.

On balance….. What am I talking about? Balance or no balance I was always going to go and see this movie.

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