All Change

It’s been quite a productive day all told. Paperwork has been completed and handed in to the County Court. Bureaucracy has been bullied into submission and forced to promise payment. I’ve spent all the vouchers I got from the Bullshit To Work course on CDs and DVDs. And, entirely independent of BTW, I got a job.

True it’s only temp and it pays just �6 an hour, but it gets me off the New Deal train wreck and it involves commercial experience with Illustrator and DTP software. Plus, it’s at the MRI which is only a fifteen or so minute walk from the house.

How does this affect Spinneyhead? Well the whole treating the blog as a job scheme was knocked off course by BTW and I only really got back into the swing of it yesterday anyway. The short commute means if I get up early I can post one or two things in the morning to keep you occupied on your lunch break. I’ll also have an hour or so before everyone else gets home in the evening. I’ve been managing about a dozen posts a day across the family and I’ll try to maintain or improve on that level.

How to Save the World for Free, Digest, Dig and Scale are better moneyspinners for Adsense revenue than the main blog, but they just don’t get the traffic. So I’m going to work on ways to grow that. Expect to see a sidebar down the right with the most recent posts from the other blogs on it. To get new customers I may even consider buying a few cheap adwords myself.

Spinneyworld is still on the cards as well. I’m trying to get WordPress installed to use on SW. Hopefully that will be up and running by next week. An ethical investing blog I had been considering is going to have to go on hold, though.

Tomorrow I must get my hair cut.

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