Do pay attention 007

To answer my own question, yes you can get ejector seats in 1/32nd scale. However I think I’ll pass and build something for myself.

I have received the Aston Martin and Packard Victoria. The Victoria’s going away until I get or make a gangster figure, so I’m looking at the Aston as my next project. I’m going to get the Secret Agent in the next few weeks but I’ll work out what his vehicle contains in the mean time.

It was an EBay purchase and only cost 74p (postage was over twice the final price) so there are a few problems. The rear axle is missing and the front pillars are bent, one broken, from some abuse in a past life. I might be able to find a new axle from the parts bin, but I’m considering enclosing the whole drivetrain as if it’s been protected against mines.

There’ll be no back seat passenger space in this DB5. I’m going to build my own ejector seats and the launch tubes etc. are going to take up a bit of space. There’ll probably be some rear firing weaponry as well. This is where I can get away without buying specific weapons. As a product of Q division the guns on this car will be unique. I have some etched parts for switches and extra gauges and I’ll drill out the glove box so it can be open with a handgun inside.

The first job, however, is probably going to be gluing the glazing in as a way to straighten the pillars and get the roof line fixed.

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