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Business Plan

A couple of weeks ago, whilst on my Bullshit to Work course, I wrote a business plan for professional blogging. there was nothing else to do. I’ve just typed it up and it’s the new Cycling on the Pavement. Any input welcome, particularly from anyone who is an actual professional blogger.

A couple of things have changed. I haven’t received a reply from the company that makes model Tardis’ and I have a job, so a full day’s work at the blogface is no longer possible.

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We're going to need a bigger bike

I’ve carried some impressive loads on my bikes over the years. Panniers were the most effective things I ever fitted and I kind of miss them on my current bikes. However, I think I’d like the set up sold by Xtracycle even more. the Free Radical extends the wheelbase of a bike and allows loads to be carried around and above th erear wheel. This lowers the centre of gravity and increases the capacity.

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The Revenge of Work to Rule

See what happens when you nationalise (empirise?) Death Star building? It takes twenty something years to finish and then your sidekick’s kids come along and destroy it.

Now if only Darth Sid had put it out to tender and trusted in the Free Market, it could have been finished before Luke or Leia reached rebelling age.

Of course, if there was the wrong sort of photon on the track……

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Getting away from it all

responsibletravel.com is an on-line travel agent launched in 2001 for travellers who want more real and authentic holidays that also benefit the environment and local people. We market carefully pre-screened holidays from over 270 leading worldwide tourism brands and businesses. We do not act as a middleman – you can use the site to contact the experts who run the trips and hotels directly to make a booking

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