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Recommended reading

American Right wingers vote on the Ten Most Harmful Books of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries. Despite hating them and everything they stand for, they’re hypocritical enough to include Amazon links, just so they can perpetuate the damage.

You don’t want to give them any money, it’ll just encourage them, give it to me instead-

1. Communist Manifesto
2. Mein Kampf
3. Quotations from Chairman Mao
4. The Kinsey Report
5. Democracy and Education
6. Das Kapital
7. The Feminine Mystique
8. The Course of Positive Philosophy
9. Beyond Good and Evil
10. General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money

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The Nazi Bomb, Redux

Historians working in America and Germany have found a document they believe shows how close the Germans were to having a nuclear weapon by the end of the Second World War. One of those involved claimed earlier this year that the Nazis had tested a primitive nuclear device in 1945 and asserts that though they couldn’t have built a “classic” nuke they were close to having a mini bomb.

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The National Physics Laboratory in London has come up with a scheme to make satellite observations of the Earth’s surface more accurate and silence the naysayers who use discrepancies to argue against human involvement in global warming. The Truths satellite has a 99.999% perfect radiometer. Readings taken using this device can then be used to calibrate devices on other satellites when they pass over the same area. The sensitivity and resolution of the device also means that pollution can be tracked with pin point (well, tennis court, but that’s not bad from orbit) accuracy.

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If all the schools ran this reward scheme……

Nolan sister and ex-wife of Shane Ritchie is defending her decision to pay for her son to go to Amsterdam and get laid if he passes his GCSEs.

“I didn’t say, ‘If you get five GCSEs, I’ll send you to Amsterdam to sleep with a prostitute’.”

She said her son wanted to go to Amsterdam because it was “every teenager�s fantasy”.

She added: “I’d be very naive to think, ‘Oh isn’t it lovely that he wants to go to Amsterdam and see the sights’ � I know exactly what sights he wants to see.

“He’s started revising three hours every night. This child has gone from getting no GCSEs to eight A*s.”

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I promise this is not how I ride my bike. Cycle into the poor defencless target at speed and choose the angle and power you want to punt him with, using the mouse, then watch as he flies over by-standers. Different characters affect him differently when he hits them- slowing him down, dropping dead, kicking him on for further punishment etc. After five goes my best so far is 681.45 metres.

thanks to Penny for the link.

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