Daily archives: June 16, 2005

UnGreen Screen

If you’re worried about your power consumption then you’d better get a smaller TV or ditch the goggle box altogether.

Already, televisions account for about 4 percent of annual residential electricity use in the United States – enough to power all of the homes in the state of New York for a year, according to a new NRDC study. Today there are about 266 million TVs, and that number is growing by 3.5 million per year. By 2009, when half of all new TV sales are expected to be extended- or high-definition digital sets with big screens, TV energy use will reach about 70 billion kilowatt-hours per year nationwide – about 50 percent higher than at present. Throw in a DVD and VCR player, a pair of high-definition set-top boxes, and other household TVs, and the total TV-related energy use for the home rises to about 10 percent, the NRDC estimates.

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Spinneyhead recommends

A number of Spinneyhead’s discerning and fun-loving readers have purchased She Comes First: The Thinking Man’s Guide to Pleasuring a Woman in the last few months and I think you should too.

If you have already purchased this book you could try one of these-

Recommending books on Amazon is a lot like making love to a beautiful woman……..

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Kill the little grey bastards!

But only if they’re in Scotland or Cumbria, I quite enjoy watching the ones in the city. Grey squirrels moving North of the border are carrying Squirrel Pox, which the local reds have no immunity to.

Red squirrels with the virus will suffer skin ulcers, lesions and scabs, with swelling and discharge around the eyes, mouth, feet and genitals.


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