My parents are about to join the broadband revolution. Their local exchange is wired for sound and they’ve just got to decide who to have as a provider. BT would be the obvious choice, but I’d like to hear from you if you can think of a better ISP.

Maximum speeds and download limits are unlikely to be an issue. Price and overall reliability and service are the most important factors.

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  • Anonymous

    I just switched to BT from Zen(who are the best around) for price reasons. However I used 316% of the 1Gb download limit in 3 days by installing Gentoo.

    Maybe its worth checking out Wanadoo which is the same price as BT but with higher download limits.


  • Mark

    My Dad is about to join the broadband revolution too. He has just signed up to NTL. I think they are doing a special deal at the moment, something in the region of ten pound a month for 1MB. NTL don’t have a download limit.

    I’m using Bulldog Broadband. Down here in Staines I can get 8MB for about 30 quid. Up north I think you are limited to about 2MB.

    From what I remember, BT are expensive for what you get. Demon even more so. NTL had a nice balance of price over speed.