Daily archives: June 21, 2005

Keep it in the family

Investigating the father/son dynamics in creating comic strips.

The family arrangement prevailed not only in the funny pages but also in real life. Now age 81, Walker presides over a nest of strips worked on by his sons, as well as the sons of Dik Browne. It takes a complicated chart to trace this family tree, but, in a nutshell, “Hi and Lois” is now produced by Brian and Greg Walker and Chance Browne, “Beetle Bailey” by Mort Walker and Greg Walker, and “Hagar the Horrible” by Chris Browne.

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Little grey Bond

My secret agent has received an undercoat of grey and awaits the first, broad strokes of colour. His car, meanwhile, is stuck in the scrap yard. A lack of parts and damaged body shell mean I’m putting aside the EBay purchase and getting another. The combine cost is still less than six quid and the scratchbuilt parts I’ve put together so far will go in the new model just as well.

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