live from whitworth park

If this works i’m back in the moblog game. My shiny new phone definitely sends email, it’s up to blogger to publish it in a timely manner.
It’s a glorious day, but i’ve got to go back to an office where i can’t appreciate it. The two little windows let in some sunlight, but the far end of the office is dark if i turn all three banks of lights off. I turned off the set nearest the window and was promptly told off. You’d think the nhs would appreciate me trying to save electric and avoid sick building syndrome!
I’ll try to set up emailing to flickr tonight and send you a picture of one of the sculptures outside whitworth art gallery tomorrow.

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  1. A bit too much space on the blog?

  2. Blogger is inserting some stupid formatting at the start and end of each posts body. I can’t turn it off and it screws with the sidebars as you can see. It’s time for another message to Blogger.

  3. Hrmm… The space now appears to have moved down….

  4. That’s because the right sidebar is longer than the left. Whatever it is it doesn’t agree with either sidebar.