Daily archives: July 1, 2005

Gentlemen's Relish

Whilst looking at figures for wargaming I came across the products of Ground Zero Games, including the Gentlemens Collectables, a rather rude selection of ladies in various states of undress. No hints of scale, but the Sexy Little Toons are 40mm high, feasibly allowing them to be posed by 1:43rd scale cars or on O gauge railway layouts. Not Safe For Work, even though they’re only models.

This angelic looking darling was one of the few I could find wearing any clothes.

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career opportunities

I need an artist to help me out with deputised experts so i can stay on schedule and possibly develop other series. If you’re based in manchester that’ll be an advantage. If not then i can send you reference material etc and do all the lettering and uploading.
The deal would be an even split of proceeds (subscription and ad revenue) for the period your pages appeared. If you then wanted to launch your own strip you’d get all the profit and i’d take advantage of the extra traffic.
Check out deputised experts by clicking on the banner at the top of the page. Contact me if you’re interested in helping out.