Daily archives: July 4, 2005

Read this article. Start in the top left hand corner then read from left to right along each line

What is a micromanager? I think we’ve all been micromanaged at some point. I get pissed off about it but tend to ignore the pedantry and do my own thing anyway (then get told off for not leaving in the bad grammar and spelling mistakes from the original……..).

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And we can get renewable energy from the flying pigs……….

I missed the George Bush interview with Trevor McDonald, but apparently he was set to admit that global warming has a scientific basis and humans may be to blame. Of course, he’s not actually going to do anything about it, but at least he’s admitting the problem exists.

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The Return of…….

Two TV series, from completely different eras, could be set to make comebacks. I never liked This Life much, only ever watching for the sex scenes. Jack Davenport in particular has gone on to far, far better things(and now has a film career). Whatever your opinion, This Life may be getting a ten year revival.

The other series up for revival is Jackanory, as the new controller of CBBC is a big fan. I have absolutely nothing to say against Jackanory.

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The coffee shop has landed……

originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

I’ve uploaded some more phone cam pictures from Saturday to flickr. This rather sci-fi looking pod is a new cafe in the Corn Exchange (I waver between calling it by its original name and Triangle, which is what it wants to be called nowadays, depending upon my mood). I see a scene from Deputised Experts or one of my other planned comics unfolding here.
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