CIS goes greener still

It’s already been announced that the CIS tower in Manchester is getting solar panels, but there are also going to be mini wind turbines on the top to generate even more power on site. The turbines should generate about five percent of the tower’s power needs and pay for themselves within three years.

Ken Lewis, CFS resources director, said: “As an insurer, CIS is already experiencing the reality of climate change impacts. Over the past decade, CIS has seen claims arising from environmental flooding increase almost 500 per cent and these now total more than £1.5m per annum.

“About 40 per cent of Europe’s energy use is associated with buildings. This turbine project, with the solar CIS Tower work, demonstrates these piles of steel and concrete have tremendous potential for future energy generation.”

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0 thoughts on “CIS goes greener still

  • Matt Cox

    In my humble opinion, they should’ve done this years ago… and not just on the CIS building – but on the majority of building in Manchester.