Walking distance

Some stupidly large number of car journeys are less than two miles which, for most of us, isn’t that hard a walk. One of the gimmicks I wanted to use for How to Save the World for Free the TV series (if it ever happened) was going to be hammering a nail into a map where the subject’s house was and showing them just how much stuff was within walking distance. Now you can do something similar with Google maps. The Gmaps pedometer allows you to mark out a route on the map and will calculate the distance travelled. For instance this is my walk to work every morning, which comes in at just under a mile.

(Google maps now come with satellite images of the UK, though they’re a little out of date, because they still feature the old City ground. the last time I walked past it my comment was “So what used to be over there, where that huge empty space is?”)

via Lifehacker

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