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I want to punch George Bush

According to the BBC President Fuckhead stood up at Gleneagles and said “the war on terror goes on”. Guess what? It wouldn’t have to if you and your cronies weren’t such incompetent, arrogant warmongering pricks.

Whilst I’m at it, Blair deserves a slapping as well. His statement is slimy twat for “Oh look, something else I can use to justify identity cards.”

Update Thanks to being linked from some rightwing site or other I’m getting a few visitors who want to lecture me on how wrong I am, so I ought to clarify a little.

I want to punch George Bush on a good day, he just has one of those faces. What drove me to my outburst is two things.

Ever since he started pulling troops out of Afghanistan and lining up the lies about Iraq, Wubble U hasn’t been fighting a war on terror, he’s been conducting one to encourage terrorism. He’s admitted that he wasn’t interested in tracking down Bin Laden. The head of the CIA has said that they know where OBL is, but they’re not going to get him. So standing up and touting the “war on terror” after abandoning it over two years ago is one reason he deserves a slapping.

The other reason is that he’s a callous little fuck. Within hours of a terror attack he was already lining up the dead so he could spit on their graves every time he invokes this bombing to justify another false start in combatting global terror.

So I put down what I felt, as succinctly as possible. Thanks for all the comments. Your presumptions about me, based upon a few sentences, have been amusing.

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jesus loves you more than i do

jesus loves you more than i do
jesus loves you more than i do,
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Went to see war of the worlds last night and it was far better than i expected. I should have had more faith, really, because this was spielberg after all. The Terminal was a bit poor, but most of his other output has been solid. He even got the scientology dwarf to do stuff that looked a lot like real acting.

A recent post on world changing pointed out that the original novel was an attack on imperialism. No matter how watered down the message gets that makes this, rather than RoTS the big anti iraq war/bush movie of the year. The message is still there if you look- one character opines that occupations never work and cruise’s character tries at first to keep his son from joining the resistance and finally, when all hope seems lost, makes the desperate decision to become a suicide bomber. (he lives, of course, because he’s the hero)

there are failings, such as the feel good resurrection at the end, but overall very good.

Only one thought on what’s happened in london- when tony tells up it could have been prevented by identity cards it’ll just be final proof that he’s lying manipulative scum.

Update Title lifted from Donation, by The Wonderstuff, off the Never Loved Elvis album.

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