Daily archives: July 13, 2005

Burning more than rubber

Clare has just about recovered from her adventures over the weekend at Formula Student where her team “kicked ass in the dynamic events, but sucked in the presentations”. Another team had some, shall we say, problems on the dynamic end, though it’s claimed the driver didn’t notice.

Full results as a pdf here at the official website.

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The naughty web

From a post on Workboxers entitled What I am learning from porn, some basic rules for running a successful site/ blog-

* More posts = more pageviews
* Original content = more pageivews (combine that with the above and you have a winner)
* Submit original content to other sites
* Link exchanges, if done properly, can pay huge dividends
* A great design helps a lot
* Have fun with it. Obviously this is my favorite site to work on.
* Don’t enter a crowded realm without knowing who your competition is.

I’ve been getting sidetracked by this whole work thing, but I hope to re-up the number of posts and original material soon (ish)

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