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Because some of the original equipment was replaced or replicated from scratch, you can’t really use this rebuild of an M22 Locust air portable tank as a source of internal reference photos. However, from the outside the rebuilt tank is nearly identical to the original and is used in Second World War re-enactments.

More reference pictures here. 3D model here. Profile here.

But are there any models of it? A 1997 issue of Finescale Modeller has an article about building a model, but it’s not online. Spirit Games do them in 1:300th scale for wargaming. And Commanders Series were thinking about it but shelved the project.

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Last Thursday’s events haven’t convinced me that we need ID cards. A No2ID e-mail landed in my inbox earlier and provided my with a few tools to protest the idiotic plans.

Pledge not to sign up for an ID card and to donate £10 toward a legal fund fighting the plans.

Write to your MP. (I think it’s about time Gerald got another letter from me.)

Buy a T-shirt.

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hey mickey!

hey mickey!
hey mickey!,
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I’m increasingly attracted to the idea of the temp’s guide to management. Today’s observation-

in the complex ecology of the modern office, middle managers are akin to creationists. They think they’re god’s gift, but everyone else knows they’re just a noisy dead end. As far as can be told, they exist to keep the people in charge away from the people who actually do the work and could suggest improvements. You have to feel nothing but contempt for a group that believed the office was funny yet couldn’t understand that they were the ones being mocked.

I’m warning to my subject. I’ll have to start making notes (but not during work hours, i get told off for that).
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