Daily archives: July 15, 2005

EBay purchase of the day

VERY heavy metal cock ring.

Individualy made and hand polished. You won’t find unique, high quality rings like this in the shops !!!!

Inside diameter 50mm, Outside Diameter 71mm, Width 25mm. Weight 370 grams !!

NOT a cheap welded, chrome plated, mass produced lightweight ring.

NOT an inferior brass ring that will require repeated polishing

MINE are the “GOLD STANDARD” in cock rings, machined from solid, high grade Stainless Steel material. !!!

Shown in main picture next to a lighter, shop bought ring to illustrate the high quality of MY item.

Second picture is a selection of my other products, you are bidding to buy ONE RING as dimensioned above but feel free to contact me direct for details of my growing, unique product range.

Photographs of another of these item being worn are available to serious bidders by email.

Made to measure service also available, contact us for a list of available sizes.

My emphasis in the quote. Current bid is £46 and you have just over a day to bid.

Update Or, if you’re feeling a bit more tacky, you could have the UR3(tm) Helping Hand vibrating cock ring.

Update Update Once you start looking for cock you just can’t stop-

This is the and only Cashew Cock

This is a limited edition from Planters one and only salted cashew cock.

This is a lovely little item discovered during a summery BBQ it has not been sucked kissed or licked.

It still has its original coating on it

This item would look ideal next to Franklin mint doll or a seventy’s horse and carriage.

I can not be responsible for any damages to my cock during transportation

As this is a specialist item, carriage will be through 3443 distribution Refrigeration Company

Any questions please do not hesitate to mail me

Thanks for looking at my cock and happy bidding

PS It was Clare who wanted to do a search for “cock” on EBay (she says we should get chickens).

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Bus Love

Article from the Guardian about the joys of London’s buses.

I like buses. More people should use them and then they would be nicer and go to places I need them to (like my work, that would be useful). I’m still trying for my driving licence and once I have that, the amount of time I spend on buses will be cut dramatically. But sitting on a bus, I see an incredible variety of people, from babies and toddlers to students to pensioners, and they’re fascinating. (And a little scary at times, I’ll admit).

Taking the bus makes me feel connected to my city and to the people in it. It gets me out of the safe world of my own places and the people I already know, and shows me a world of possibilities. I worry that I will lose that connection when I travel in my individually wrapped, hermetically sealed metal box.

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Deputised Experts

I’ve been failing to keep you up to date with Deputised Experts. There’s a new page up today. I’m keeping the last two chapters open (occassionally three, depending upon when I update the settings) so people can get a grip on what’s happening in th ecurrent storyline, and putting th eold stuff behind a susbcription wall. It’s dead cheap to subscribe, particularly, as it’s in dollars, if you’re on this side of the Atlantic. The more money I get from subscription the better my argument for devoting more time to it. So go on, if you’ve got PayPal, sign up.

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