Daily archives: July 17, 2005

Poo Power

Collecting methane from faeces and using it to provide heat isn’t that revolutionary a concept. So using human waste to that end seems like a good idea, as it also cuts the potential for pollution. One prison in Rwanda does it, but can people be convinced to get past the Eeeew! factor and adopt it for more widespread schemes?

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EBay finds

A very irregular theme this, but it’s Sunday and I’m in the mood. Interesting stuff I’ve found on EBay.

SR-N1 Hovercraft in 1:72nd.

Aoshima drift parts set, for your tuner cars.

Airfix HO/OO zoo animals

Roswell UFO
(or this Area 51 UFO may be more accurate, both from the same seller).

1:12th female figure for motorbike, doesn’t fit the Tamiya Ducati 916.

, in case the last one isn’t revealing enough flesh.

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