Daily archives: July 18, 2005

Pedal Power

Pedalites could be just what every cycling commuter wants. They store electricity generated by pedalling (naturally) in an onboard capacitor to power the built in lights when the bike is moving. They flash white to the front, orange to the side and red behind. Legally I’m sure we’re supposed to have constant beam lights, but from a visibility point of view they sound great. £49.99 for a set.

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Scale Card

The Scale Card gives a comparison figure to measure models and accessories against when buying. It’s designed to help you get the proportions right and not buy stuff that won’t actually fit with your models.

The Scale Card is a credit card size tool for every model builder who wants to keep everything in scale. Easy to use at swap meets, flea markets, antique shops, even hobby shops, and at home on your workbench. Using figures (or heads) in scale and three inches of scale rule, it keeps your purchases within your selected scale. Cards range from 1:12 to 1:700, some in metric.

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