Anyone know any office voodoo?

A little hex to turn off the air conditioning in the managers’ section, timed to coincide with the next hot day, would do, but what I really want is a big (very, very big) hex that’ll stop the head of department complaining about everything. A little bit of anti-micromanagement juju could go a long way……

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0 Responses to Anyone know any office voodoo?

  1. tell me the manufacturer and the model and i will see if i can provide a more practical a/c failure… especially if the controls are on a handset!

  2. Get yourself a Gris-Gris bag made up, I got one in New Orleans ages ago, and it worked a treat. If the French Quarter is a bit far, try or they have pre made Gris-Gris’ for all kinds of office magick. 🙂