Daily archives: July 22, 2005

Bio Bling

Only in LA.

Colette Brooks loves cars. Big cars. Cars with fins, spinners and spoilers; cars that come in nice colors: mustard, seaweed, light teal. The kind of cars that some people might adorn with faux fur and fuzzy dice. But she also loves, as she puts it, “this beautiful blue ball we’re so privileged to live on,” and her car fetish wasn’t exactly squaring with her environmental creds.

So she started buying “pimped out” cars and converting them to run on biodiesel. It’s an interesting concept, I’ll give it that. There are a couple of stretch limos soiling th eroads of Manchester at the moment. If they were fitted out to run on recycled chip fat I’d be less inclined to torch them.

via Jalopnik

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Quick on the draw

After a little work I think I’ve found a way to do art for Deputised Experts faster. My new method, whilst a little rougher, cuts the time needed to create a week’s worth of art down to six or seven hours.

Which is a day’s work.

So come on everyone, I need an excuse to devote a day a week solely to the webcomic, you know you want to subscribe. It doesn’t even need to be that many of you to get the ball rolling. I worked out that if I could work one extra hour four days a week (8.30 to 4.30 rather than 9 to 4 as at present) and take the other day off, I’d only be down two and a half hours worth of pay (this is all dependent on the goodwill of my boss, something for which there is very little evidence). That’s £16.25. A bit of mental arithmetic, not my strongest point, suggests I need about 140 monthly subscribers to get that much. It’s only a dollar a month and you get to patronise one of your favourite artists.

(By patronise I don’t mean you can send me e-mails going “Ooo’s a clever boy then. Look, he can trace. He’s so smart.”)

Support your local Spinneyhead/ webcomic artist.

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