Quick on the draw

After a little work I think I’ve found a way to do art for Deputised Experts faster. My new method, whilst a little rougher, cuts the time needed to create a week’s worth of art down to six or seven hours.

Which is a day’s work.

So come on everyone, I need an excuse to devote a day a week solely to the webcomic, you know you want to subscribe. It doesn’t even need to be that many of you to get the ball rolling. I worked out that if I could work one extra hour four days a week (8.30 to 4.30 rather than 9 to 4 as at present) and take the other day off, I’d only be down two and a half hours worth of pay (this is all dependent on the goodwill of my boss, something for which there is very little evidence). That’s £16.25. A bit of mental arithmetic, not my strongest point, suggests I need about 140 monthly subscribers to get that much. It’s only a dollar a month and you get to patronise one of your favourite artists.

(By patronise I don’t mean you can send me e-mails going “Ooo’s a clever boy then. Look, he can trace. He’s so smart.”)

Support your local Spinneyhead/ webcomic artist.

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