Putting some colour in his cheeks

Sunday’s rain meant that Tiny Little Bond, as I’ve started calling him, got some colour.

The Bond mobile is coming along as well. However, I’ve managed to break one of the window pillars on the “new” Aston Martin model in exactly the same place as the old one. The plastic is obviously very thin just where it joins the body, making it vulnerable to the slightest pressure. The seats have been painted in Games Workshop Snakebite Leather, and may be getting highlights and shadows added, and the carpetting is going to be finished in a nice shade of Tan. I have a few etched metal goodies lined up to provide extra detailing. The only real problem is going to be painting the car. I don’t have an airbrush, or anywhere to use one, so I could end up finishing it with brush painting.

In other developments- the plan to sell lots of my kits on EBay backfired slightly as I got carried away and bought some kits. Overall I have cleared out some space, just not as much as I should have.

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