Daily archives: July 27, 2005

Cars and Girls (oh, okay, just cars)

There are a lot of sites out there like Jalopnik that regularly serve up links to images and articles of interest to car modellers.

Recent highlights include-

A 1,000 horsepower Toyota Supra, which would put those Fast & Furious models to shame.

A customised ’35 Ford pickup from Australia. It’s powered by LPG, but the interesting thing for any modeller is that they’re right hand drive- probably a major modification on any of the kits available.

The “Big T” model T that inspired a classic kit.

Building the perfect Demolition Derby car Anyone who got this right on a model could be looking at a show winner.

The Asphalt Invitationals. Lots of lovely rods to inspire you.

Automotive interiors from the ’70s on.

And more and more. Jalopnik’s the only car blog I subscribe to, but I bet there are a load more out there serving up this sort of inspiration as well.

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The Running Tap

An art piece intended to highlight excessive water use is to be turned off because it has used too much water.

The Running Tap provoked passionate reactions – a few supporters and many more enraged. One sent a birthday card with the warning inside that if the tap was not turned off, the gallery would be blown up.

The irony was that in the course of producing the work, McGowan has become messianic about water wastage: yesterday he spluttered with outrage about people washing their teeth or cleaning vegetables under a running tap. At the weekend he denounced a family member for running the washing machine daily for only a handful of clothes.

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