Cars and Girls (oh, okay, just cars)

There are a lot of sites out there like Jalopnik that regularly serve up links to images and articles of interest to car modellers.

Recent highlights include-

A 1,000 horsepower Toyota Supra, which would put those Fast & Furious models to shame.

A customised ’35 Ford pickup from Australia. It’s powered by LPG, but the interesting thing for any modeller is that they’re right hand drive- probably a major modification on any of the kits available.

The “Big T” model T that inspired a classic kit.

Building the perfect Demolition Derby car Anyone who got this right on a model could be looking at a show winner.

The Asphalt Invitationals. Lots of lovely rods to inspire you.

Automotive interiors from the ’70s on.

And more and more. Jalopnik’s the only car blog I subscribe to, but I bet there are a load more out there serving up this sort of inspiration as well.

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