0 thoughts on “Tiny problem

  • Brian

    I’m in two minds over this. It’s a real shame to see a local company and 1500 jobs disappear but it’s rare to find someone who bought one of their machines and would but another. The hidden charges, such as 70 quid for a CD to reinstall the O/S (or any other pre-installed software) and a 40 quid delivery charge regardless of the fact that you want to collect it from the store, tend to put off repeat customers (I do wonder if this was why all the remaining Tiny/Time stores were re-branded as ‘The Computer Shop’ a while ago). The fact is that with the extra costs included you could build it your self for the same money.

  • Emily

    Our IT guy used to work for them on their help lines and quit because he said they were unethical and screwed their customers over.