Daily archives: July 28, 2005

Green Queen

Windsor Castle is to get its own hydro-power system.

A spokeswoman for the Queen said: “We’re constantly looking at ways of saving energy. We use energy efficient light bulbs at Buckingham Palace and recycle 99 per cent of green waste.”

Members of the Royal Family have long embraced an environmentally friendly lifestyle. The Duke of Edinburgh uses a taxi cab fuelled by liquid petroleum gas to travel around London, and water in a bore hole at Buckingham Palace is used to supply air conditioning to the Queen’s gallery before topping up the water levels in the Palace lake.

The electricity from the new plant will be fed straight into Windsor Castle and not into the local grid. It will be the biggest of its kind in the South of England. Four turbines, which will be built by npower renewables, will be submerged in two of Romney Weir’s bays.

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Webcomicsnation has launched!

I’ve been Beta testing WCN for a month or so and so far I’m very impressed with what it can do. In fact I’ve hardly even started to take advantage of all the cool stuff that’s possible using it. For instance, I’ve still got a plain white background when I could have cool colours or images. I will continue tweaking until I hit the sweet spot of good looking webcomicdom.

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Make 'n Take

Revell-Monogram are taking a nicely proactive approach to getting children involved in model-making. They sell Make ‘n Take packs for event organisers. For $49.95 and posting you get a total of 25 kits, one in its full box and the others in bags, and promotional material. It’s ideal for setting up on a stall at an event, whether for free or a small fee.

As far as I can tell, it’s only available in the US and Canada. Maybe there are other companies running a European equivalent scheme.

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The US, Australia, China, India and South Korea, and possibly some more Asian countries, are to sign up to their own emmissions controlling programme. Radio news reports this morning suggested that Japan is one of those others, the only Kyoto signatory that is party to this agreement. Whilst I want to believe that this is a step forward I can’t help but think it’s a sop to their coal and other industries.

Details of the new pact have so far remained under wraps; but there are indications that it will focus on technology transfer, probably with an emphasis on cleaner ways of burning coal.

According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the four biggest producers of coal in the world are China, the United States, India and Australia; so it is unlikely that these nations would come up with an agreement to reduce the production and use of coal.
But will this be enough to curb climate change? Environmental groups are sceptical.

“It’s part of the Bush administration’s strategy to prove that the technological approach is the answer to global warming,” the director of WWF International’s Climate Change Programme, Jennifer Morgan, told BBC News.

“You only need to look at the way that emissions are going to see that’s not the case.”

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Not so Silent Bob

Kevin Smith’s blog, AKA My Boring Ass Life. It’s typically Smith, a mixture of the mundane and slightly bizarre that’s somehow fascinating.

Mewes drives me to the airport, and I jump on the plane, taking some pics in the terminal with fans who’d been at the Con. On the plane, the dude who played “Fat Albert” (either Keenan or Kel) chats me up, saying he’d seen “Evening With” on cable, and was wondering if I’m a stand-up, and if not, what I do for a living. He’s seated beside the chick from “E.R.” and “The Grid”, and as they seem pretty chummy, I’m assuming they’re heading up to Vancouver to shoot a flick together.

I slap on my headphones and listen to “Freak Me” about thirty times in a row, while playing Gameboy Advance Tetris. Before long, we land, and I shoot through Customs and wait for my bag to come down the carousel. I get to the valet desk, but nobody’s there. I talk to Jen while waiting for half an hour, and then call the main office of the valet joint. Somebody comes down to give me my keys, and even though I’ve been waiting and I’m pissed, I still tip the guy. I’m dumb like that.

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