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Mewes drives me to the airport, and I jump on the plane, taking some pics in the terminal with fans who’d been at the Con. On the plane, the dude who played “Fat Albert” (either Keenan or Kel) chats me up, saying he’d seen “Evening With” on cable, and was wondering if I’m a stand-up, and if not, what I do for a living. He’s seated beside the chick from “E.R.” and “The Grid”, and as they seem pretty chummy, I’m assuming they’re heading up to Vancouver to shoot a flick together.

I slap on my headphones and listen to “Freak Me” about thirty times in a row, while playing Gameboy Advance Tetris. Before long, we land, and I shoot through Customs and wait for my bag to come down the carousel. I get to the valet desk, but nobody’s there. I talk to Jen while waiting for half an hour, and then call the main office of the valet joint. Somebody comes down to give me my keys, and even though I’ve been waiting and I’m pissed, I still tip the guy. I’m dumb like that.

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