Daily archives: August 1, 2005

In just 61 days…..

Over at ProBlogger Darren’s announced that August is to be 31 days to building a Better Blog. I’ll be following some of his advice and trying out a few ideas of my own.

I have a slightly different target- to make at least £100 between now and the end of September. It’s not that big an aim and I am utilising a lot of money making strands. I’ll probably be reviewing a load of DVDs and pointing you to them on Amazon, not to forget telling you that you should click through from here every time you want to buy something (go on, you know you want to, it’s not going to cost you any more). Then there are the various affiliate schemes I’m in, they’re going to be moved around and made more prominent. You could subscribe to Deputised Experts, it’s only a dollar a month and you know that every little helps.

There’s also at least one new niche blog, though the theme’s going to be a little off the wall and I can’t wait to see what sorts of ads Google serves to it.

All these plans hold until I get another job, at which point posting will drop to about a quarter of the current amount and the bets will be off. Moving house and being away from broadband until BT sort it out is probably going to be a problem as well……

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Tired of finding out what other films and TV shows whatsisname was in? Stop using imdb and start using www.iafd.com, the internet adult film database.

Covering 51,617 titles and 38,518 performers and directors, the internet adult film database is the premier resource for information about the straight porn community on the web, and it is made possible thru the generosity of Peter van Aarle who has collated all the data.

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Power at t'mill

Following the news that Windsor is to get a micro-hydropower system, other mill owners are interested in jumping on the bandwagon. Micro-hydro is a far better use of water power than major damming plans. It won’t create huge new methane producing bodies of standing water and it will generally be generating power very close to the point of use. Plus, old mills are cool and ought to be kept working in one way or another.

Mr White is a town councillor in Gillingham, Kent. It was his idea to get the mill owners together, and he believes small hydroprojects can make a big contribution to Britain’s green energy needs. There are thousands of existing and former mill sites in the UK suitable for generating electricity, and if all were used they could provide almost 10% of the country’s power.

Mr White, who does not have a mill himself, had read of the rows about wind power that have split communities.

“It seemed to me that hydropower has all the advantages, it gives new life and use to these historic sites and buildings, and produces green energy – and everyone is in favour,” he said.

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2K Oil

An interesting take on the Peak Oil phenomenon, which is getting a growing amount of mainstream attention, from Worldchanging. In much the same way there was a groundswell of panic about Y2K in the later nineties- only to turn into mockery when the rushed fixes worked and there was no disaster- so it could be with the world’s dwindling oil supplies.

So here is my advice to peak oilers: after all is said and done, you’re going to be ridiculed, just as the Y2K people were (and still are) ridiculed. Not because you were wrong, but because you were right enough to keep the disaster from happening. In 2025, when most people in the world are driving cheap, Chinese & Indian-made battery/fuel cell/bioflexfuel hypercars, relying on smart agriculture to reduce or eliminate petroleum fertilizers, and using bioplastics as raw fabber materials, those reminded of the “peak oil” scare are going to look around and say:

“Peak oil? What a bunch of nuts. Look — nobody actually drilled in the Arctic Wildlife Preserve or off the California Coast, ExxonMobil went out of business because nobody needed their liquified coal “oil,” and people were more freaked out by oil at $60 a barrel than at $120 a barrel. Where were the wars, the starvation, the collapse of civilization and the ATMs spewing out money we were promised?”

When you hear them say that, feel free to smile and nod, and know that you were right.

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Pride of Cumbria

I never even knew Cumbria had an air ambulance, let alone that it had been grounded in March after funding dried up. The “Pride of Cumbria” is operational again as of today after a TV campaign and fund drive raised the required funds. Good news for anyone planning to have a car crash on Shap, I guess.

The “Pride of Cumbria” still requires ongoing funding to continue this life saving service. If you would like to support the charity by making a small regular donation, of 50p a week, this will further ensure the future of the helicopter and will give the charity the opportunity to improve the service it offers. There are also sponsorship opportunities for businesses. Please contact us today on 01325 487263 or write to GNAAS, The Imperial Centre, Grange Road, Darlington, DL1 5NQ.

The Great North Air Ambulance Service is a registered Charity, No. 1092204 and receives no Government funding, or lottery funding; the entire operation depends on public donations to raise the necessary funds to keep the helicopters flying.

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