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A whole new type of blue screen

If pornstars were operating systems. Geeky and smutty at the same time, it’s almost perfect.

Ms. Windows

She know’s she’s not particularly beautiful and so she lives at the gym. From the neck up she’s Los Angeles, from the neck down she’s San Diego.

About once every five years she’ll decide that working out’s not enough, make a major upgrade and appear with a new pair of tits. You haven’t the heart to tell her that her tits were never the problem in the first place

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It’s day two of the Problogger 31 days to a better performing blog, and today it’s all about values. Darren has suggested writing down and displaying, in a public forum if you’re feeling brave, the core values of your blog(s). So I sat down and had a think about it. This is a first draft, given time I could probably expand upon it-

Spinneyhead family as a whole

– Always credit the source of a story.
– Always make original content as well as links.
– Only take ads/ affiliates that fit with the Spinneyhead ethos- no selling my soul for a quick buck. No affiliation to supermarkets, car companies or mainstream political parties, but I can run ads for porn because I’m okay with that. (Google ads are a different matter, because they serve adverts based upon content so I’ve had, for instance, creationist ads. I worried about this for a while then figured they might as well waste their money advertising to an audience that already knew they were muppets rather than gullible fundy Christians.)


– Never forget the old motto- “Dedicated to wasting time at work.”- both for the readers and the contributors.
– Update at least once a day, at least six days a week.
– Don’t be afraid to try new stuff such as moblogging, vblogging or podcasting. But don’t do anything just because everyone else is.

How to Save the World for Free

– Don’t just talk about this stuff, actually do something about it. And write about that.


– Never promote a diet. Diets are fads and usually counterproductive or dangerous. Only mentions diets if it’s important that people find out about the health risks or it deserves particular mocking.
– Digest is about good food, whether that be food that is good for you or food that just tastes good.
– Don’t be afraid to get a little hypochondriac. You may find out something important.


– This is not about pretty but useless gardens. Anything grown should serve another useful purpose.
– Everyone should know where their food comes from, and treat it with the respect it deserves.


– Not just to promote any modelling products I make, but don’t forget to promote my own products.

Spinneyhead Comics

– About comic making in general and Spinneyhead comics in particular.
– Don’t forget to promote Spinneyhead projects.

Like I say, I’ll probably expand upon these for personal guidance and every time I launch a new blog/ site, but that’s a good starting point.

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Coming soon from Spinneyhead (possibly by the end of the day)- SteamGeek, where I shall be celebrating the sort of old school technology that makes me go “Aww, cool!” and makes Clare roll her eyes and go “Geek!”.

This is the sort of thing I’ll be featuring- a working (sort of) paper model of a stationary steam engine. (A stationery steam engine?)

This paper steam engine is based on his cad drawing of a Riches and Watts nominal 2 ½ horsepower vertical A-frame double acting simple slide-valve steam engine circa 1870-75. The original engine was used to drive a water pump to irrigate the fields of Norfolk. If this model had a scale, it would be roughly 1:19. I had to double the size of the eccentric and strap in order to make it buildable. Everything else is close to scale, but changed in design and apprearance because, well, paper isn’t iron.

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Online Comics Vs. Printed Comics: A Study in E-Commerce and the Comparative Economics of Content

It sounds a bit dry, but it’s a whole book online about various business models for making money from comics- Online Comics Vs. Printed Comics: A Study in E-Commerce and the Comparative Economics of Content

Why read on?

*Maybe you want to learn more about how people monetize content online.
*Maybe you want to see a comparison of print and online revenues in a similar product area.
*Maybe you want to learn about the idiosyncrasies of the odd, but economically efficient, marketplace that print comic book publishers call “the direct market.”
*Maybe you want to put your own web comic online.
*Or maybe you just want to see what people like Bill Jemas (Marvel), Tony Panaccio (Crossgen), Scott McCloud (Understanding Comics) Robert Khoo (Penny Arcade), Joey Manley (Modern Tales) Jon Rosenberg (Goats) and R Stevens (Diesel Sweeties) have to say about their respective business models.