It’s day two of the Problogger 31 days to a better performing blog, and today it’s all about values. Darren has suggested writing down and displaying, in a public forum if you’re feeling brave, the core values of your blog(s). So I sat down and had a think about it. This is a first draft, given time I could probably expand upon it-

Spinneyhead family as a whole

– Always credit the source of a story.
– Always make original content as well as links.
– Only take ads/ affiliates that fit with the Spinneyhead ethos- no selling my soul for a quick buck. No affiliation to supermarkets, car companies or mainstream political parties, but I can run ads for porn because I’m okay with that. (Google ads are a different matter, because they serve adverts based upon content so I’ve had, for instance, creationist ads. I worried about this for a while then figured they might as well waste their money advertising to an audience that already knew they were muppets rather than gullible fundy Christians.)


– Never forget the old motto- “Dedicated to wasting time at work.”- both for the readers and the contributors.
– Update at least once a day, at least six days a week.
– Don’t be afraid to try new stuff such as moblogging, vblogging or podcasting. But don’t do anything just because everyone else is.

How to Save the World for Free

– Don’t just talk about this stuff, actually do something about it. And write about that.


– Never promote a diet. Diets are fads and usually counterproductive or dangerous. Only mentions diets if it’s important that people find out about the health risks or it deserves particular mocking.
– Digest is about good food, whether that be food that is good for you or food that just tastes good.
– Don’t be afraid to get a little hypochondriac. You may find out something important.


– This is not about pretty but useless gardens. Anything grown should serve another useful purpose.
– Everyone should know where their food comes from, and treat it with the respect it deserves.


– Not just to promote any modelling products I make, but don’t forget to promote my own products.

Spinneyhead Comics

– About comic making in general and Spinneyhead comics in particular.
– Don’t forget to promote Spinneyhead projects.

Like I say, I’ll probably expand upon these for personal guidance and every time I launch a new blog/ site, but that’s a good starting point.

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0 thoughts on “Values

  • wildmink

    It’ll take some digging to get the full story but on the topic of difest I heard on Key 103 this morning that Atkins Diet has gone bust. There must be butcher’s all over the country kicking themselves.

  • alan

    Some interesting values there.

    It doesn’t actually say what Spinneyhead is, just that you add original content to links.

    Also, at least once a day means at least 7 days a week, unless it’s once a day for the days that you do update it.

  • Ian

    I realised shortly after putting the post up that I’d confused values with aims a bit. It’s a start I guess.