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a climbing we will go

a climbing we will go
a climbing we will go,
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The manchester climbing centre is cool. It’s in an old church and a lot of the decorations, including the stained glass, are still in place.

Very nervous about this.

Update The Manchester Climbing Centre website.

I seem to have a psychological barrier that won’t let me get beyond halfway up a wall. I’ll have to work on that.

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President Bush is a monkey!

After Wubble U announced that American schoolchildren should be taught intelligent design so they can “understand what the debate is about.” the American Geophysical Union has issued a press release stating that Dubya is putting schoolchildren at risk and undermining the US’ abilities to function in the future.

“Scientific theories, like evolution, relativity and plate tectonics, are based on hypotheses that have survived extensive testing and repeated verification,” Spilhaus says. “The President has unfortunately confused the difference between science and belief. It is essential that students understand that a scientific theory is not a belief, hunch, or untested hypothesis.”

“Ideas that are based on faith, including ‘intelligent design,’ operate in a different sphere and should not be confused with science. Outside the sphere of their laboratories and science classrooms, scientists and students alike may believe what they choose about the origins of life, but inside that sphere, they are bound by the scientific method,” Spilhaus said.

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