Daily archives: August 5, 2005

Lake Cooled Air Conditioning

Toronto is undergoing an air conditioning revolution that saves money and cuts down on CO2 production. Water from the depths of Lake Ontario is pumped into the basements of participating buildings and piped around them to cool the interiors. the warmed water is then sent back down to the basement where a heat exchanger cools it again whilst warming the city’s water supply. All in all a low impact, low energy solution. London is looking into a similar system utilising the water pumped out of the Underground.

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Enola Gay, you should have stayed at home yesterday

Tomorrow marks the sixtieth anniversary of the atomic bomb being dropped on Hiroshima. The bombing can still stir up political controversy and is open to constant reinterpretation, such as the recent claim that it was actually done to kickstart the Cold War. To add to that, two very different takes on the bombing-

Hiroshima may have been little more than an escalation of the mass killing of civilians that became a horrific part of the Second World War.

The controversy that surrounded the display of Enola Gay in the Smithsonian ten years ago.

(Enola Gay- Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark)

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Scotland leads on Global Warming

But not in the way they’d like. 2005 is going to be 1C warmer than average, halfway towards the limit recommended by scientists. The WWF has taken the G8 to task over the problem.

“While the G8 leaders wasted time agreeing a worthless climate communiqué, Scotland’s weather again showed that climate change is a growing reality,” [Dr Richard Dixon, director of WWF Scotland] said.

“With Scotland already experiencing climate change, ministers must back the strongest possible action to reduce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions, including setting proper climate change targets for Scotland.

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