Playstation Portable- you know you want one

I certainly do. I had the chance to play with a PSP yesterday at the Urban X event in Piccadilly. The screen’s very hard to see in direct sunlight, but the rest of the package is fine. The fact that it, obviously, uses the expensive Sony memory sticks is a bit of a drawback and the UMD disks aren’t yet available as recordables (for transferring your own movies to, how dare you think I was pondering piracy!). I don’t know how long it would keep that shiney finish with grubby fingers on it all the time, but I guess it would be okay if packed away in its carry case when not in use.

Damian and I were being video’d whilst we played with the PSPs, allegedly for presentation to Sony marketing people, so I mentioned the PSP download of Deputised Experts until they paid attention and asked all about it. Every opportunity for promotion…..

Here’s the deal. I want one and you want one. If enough of you buy yours following a link from Spinneyhead to Amazon then I’ll be able to own one.

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