The Sex Toy Chronicles

It’s been a year and a bit since I published the notes toward the design of the perfect sex toy. I haven’t made much progress, but some others have. I think it’s time for a round up, in chronological order, of all the Sex Toy posts since the list was published.

Helping Hands– where we got a mention on Fleshbot and a few suggestions
Perfect Sex Toy project shopping list
Beaten to it!– someone else patents vibrator control over the internet
Search Term Roulette

Sym Toys

Toy– the first design for the Perfect Sex Toy tops
Perfect Ladies
More Perfect
No Batteries Required
“It’s the ultimate in site stickiness”
Can we add some things to that list?
Delayed Perfection
Do It Yourself

And then there are all the ones that are even more tangentially related, but you can find those yourselves. I’m all worn out.

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