Daily archives: August 16, 2005

And you definitely need to hide the zebra print seat covers……..

Lions in Knowsley Safari Park have taken to hunting small cars.

“We had an incident of two ladies in a car being chased by lionesses.

“It must have been quite frightening for them, but we always have staff in a vehicle by the lion enclosure to deal with any problems.”

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The Sarcastic Sex Toy Blog

It’s a blog. About sex toys. And it’s sarcastic. Erm……

Consider it a list of features you don’t want in a sex toy.

Review: Fist of Adonis

The Fist of Adonis is notable in that it is not immediately identifiable by most people as a sex toy at all. It looks more like a prop for a low-budget horror film; strew a few of these and an occasional disembodied vagina on your front lawn, bring out the fake blood, and you have the beginning of a direct-to-video release.

The Fist of Adonis is a life-size rubber hand and arm.

That’s it.

The description reads:

“Made to feel like the real thing. Crafted from an actual human hand, it is made of firm rubber. We recommend lubricant.”

Yes, “we recommend lubricant.” Because once you lube this puppy up and insert it into the body cavity of your choice, ecstasy will surely ensue!

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written in stone

written in stone
written in stone,
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I cycled to work for the first time today. I should have done it yesterday, but you know what i’m like.

Meanwhile my finances have once again been screwed by the job centre, who took extra week to decide to pay me for the fortnight i was unemployed. During that week a whole load of direct debits bounced, resulting in bank charges that more or less add up to the amount they finally paid me. I’m not due to be paid for another three weeks and the bank won’t extend my overdraught until i present them with a copy of the contract that i haven’t even seen yet.

Apart from that, everything’s fine.
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Wednesday breaks my heart

OneStat.com ( http://www.onestat.com ), the number one provider of real-time intelligence web analytics, today reported that Wednesday is the most popular day of the week in the world to surf the web. In April 2005 Monday was the most popular day of the week to surf the internet. The second most popular day to surf the web is Monday now. The study shows that surfers on the web spent more time on the internet during the workweek than at home on the weekends. Internet use worldwide on any weekday is higher than Saturday and Sunday which are the least popular days of the week to surf the internet.

I’ve noticed the dip in visitors at the weekend, but I can’t say that I’ve seen the Wednesday effect.

The breakdown of surfer traffic by day of the week worldwide:

1. Wednesday 16.87%
2. Monday 15.78%
3. Tuesday 15.28%
4. Thursday 14.92%
5. Friday 14.08%
6. Sunday 11.85%
7. Saturday 11.22%

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