0 thoughts on “right to light

  • Jo

    I come across this at work sometimes….
    “A Right of Light is protected in England and Wales under common law, adverse possession or by the Prescription Act 1832. Unlike right to freedom from smell and noise, a Right of Light has to be acquired before it can be enforced.

    Natural light is a commodity that can be bought, sold or even transferred between parties. Rights can be registered, granted by deed or simply acquired by having a minimum of 20 years enjoyment of light through a window or opening. Once a window has received over 20 years of unobstructed daylight, it automatically earns itself a Right of Light. Such rights are, for Land Registration purposes, overriding interests. They are valid whether or not they are registered on the title deeds to the property which claims the right”

    So there you have it.Windows have rights too

  • Ian


    It’s probably there because there’s a building going up on the other side of the tram stop which could cast shadows onto it if it were any taller.