Flying off the shelves

As suggested earlier, here is a list of the books and DVDs lited on Amazon so far. Links are to the product pages, if you want to buy my copies you’ll have to click through to the marketplace and search me out.

There follows the first part of a glance into my buying habits and perhaps my soul-

The Dilbert Principle, Dilbert: The Joy of Work, The Dilbert Future: Thriving on Stupidity in the 21st Century

Life at The Gas was far too much like Dilbert. I bought these three as a set, but they’ve been treated with different levels of respect.

The Greatest Raid of All

Tells the tale of a daring commando raid on the biggest dry dock on occupied France’s Atlantic Coast. Putting it out of action reduced the effectiveness of Germany’s largest battle ships as they had nowhere to go to get repaired.

In the Beginning…Was the Command Line

A fascinating essay on operating systems by the author of Cryptonomicon.

Hyperspace: A Scientific Odyssey Through Parallel Universes, Time Warps, and…

I’ll be honest, I never got round to reading this. As it’s been sitting on the bookshelf for about four years I guess I never will.

Dude, Where’s My Country?

Michael Moore at his acidic best. For those few of you who just don’t get it there’s always Michael Moore is a Big Fat Stupid White Man.

The Butcher

Literary smut from France. A young student falls for the animal charms of the butcher for whom she is working in the Summer vacation.

Executive Target [1997] [DVD]

Michael Madsen is the washed up stunt driver blackmailed into being the wheel man when the President is kidnapped. Cheese, but with some okay car chases.

The Gladiator

Directed by Abel Ferrara of Driller Killer fame, this is TV movie fodder about a man becoming a vigilante to avenge the death of his younger brother and becoming what he is trying to fight against.

Battleship “Tirpitz”

Dad got this from his book club by accident and passed it on to me. As I’m not about to do any ship modelling I thought I’d sell it.

And there’ll be more in the coming days. I’ll be updating as and when I feel like it.

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