City Cycling.

Cycle security has been occupying my thoughts today. Despite the attentions of scallies, and inattention of drivers, I still reckon cycling is the only sensible way to travel in the city.

When I’m not cycling I tend to get a MegaRider bus ticket- £8.50 for a whole week. With the bus fares from the nearest stop, the card pays for itself within 3 days. However, a whole year’s worth runs to £442, more than enough to pay for a decent commuter and have a decent amount left over. I wouldn’t like to guess how much a year’s worth of commuting by car would cost.

There are drawbacks, of course. Yesterday I was nearly hit by a blind man in a Nissan Micra who sailed across a particularly badly designed staggered junction and would have driven straight into my side if I hadn’t been watching out to see what sort of stupid thing he would do. And it’s always unpleasant to cycle in the rain. And, of course there are the scallies, who’ll have off with any half decent bike or bits they can get their thieving little hands on.

Give me a bike any time. And a good stout D-lock for the front wheel as well as the back.

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