white screen of death

My current mobile is more complicated and powerful than some computers i’ve owned, and consequently less stable than any previous phone. Considering it’s on 24/7 it’s not as crash prone as a windows box, but it can still be annoying.
Yesterday it gave up the ghost whilst i was writing about my bike wheel being nicked. This may have been an altruistic move- sparing the world the first draft of my opinions on thieving scallies and what they deserve.
More bizarrely, it crashed this morning, giving a plaintive little beep and going to a white screen that could only be cleared by turning it off and rebooting.
Does nokia roll out operating system updates for its phones?

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  1. Avatar Stephen Newton
    Stephen Newton says:

    So come on, tell us what your using. I’d have thought you find a way to sell the buggers to us.

  2. It’s a Nokia 3230.

    I leave all the phone selling to Tim over at my-videophone.com